The Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team is committed to developing innovative social activities and events designed to motivate church and community members to support the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Philadelphia, its ministries, and various causes and initiatives.  In the past, the Fundraising Team has collaborated with the Outreach ministry to donate clothes, canned goods, and perishable items to those in need, both domestically and internationally. Namely, the Bethesda School of Raymond in Jacmel, Haiti is one of our largest recipients. Through the grace of God, we have been blessed with fundraising success; however, continuous support is still necessary to help maintain the needs of these children. If interested in offering a donation, please reach out to Sister Marie Laguerre (Fundraising Coordinator) or Pastor Roland Barthelemy at (215) 927-1918. Monetary gifts of any size are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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