Who is Pastor Roland Barthelemy?

Pastor Roland has been working in the church, in various ministries, since he was a teen. He joined the pastoral ministry in 2008, serving as an assistant pastor at the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Philadelphia (PWCP). In 2010, he became the lead pastor of PWCP and has been devoted to serving his community, both locally and abroad, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

A native of Jacmel, Haiti, Pastor Roland grew up in the Bethesda Church of Ravine Normande where his father was the senior Pastor. Roland’s passion to serve God prompted his father to encourage him to further his work by enrolling into ministry school. At that time, however, Roland did not understand the nature of the call, so he declined. After leaving Jacmel, Roland went on to serve a few churches in different levels of leadership. While in Brooklyn, he again was called to pastoral leadership, but he resisted the call because he did not feel the time was right. Thank God for His patience! 

Finally, he settled down and realized that he could no longer ignore but must answer the call of God. With a spirit of obedience, he said to God, “Here I am, I will do whatever you want me to do.” Roland studied the doctrine of the Wesleyan Church and was ordained on September 28, 2008. He then attended the Jameson School of Ministry and Theology and continued his studies at the Jameson Christian College where he received a Bachelor of Arts. He went on to receive a Master of Arts degree from the International Christian University and later obtained a Doctor of Theology (ThD). 

He conducts himself as a humble servant of God who tries hard to share the word of God and equip his community to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Roland is widely known for his tireless and dynamic teaching style, which helps people apply the Scriptures to their everyday lives. He also has an active ministry in his hometown of Jacmel Haiti where he’s established a few local churches. He also provides sponsorship support to a school in Jacmel with more than three hundred young children enrolled. 

He and his wife, Agnes, have been married since 1981. They are the proud parents of 3 adult children who work alongside them in the ministry: Joan Estelly and her husband, Lindbergh Estelly, David Barthelemy and his wife, Tiffanie Barthelemy and Jolande Barthelemy.

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