The Leadership of Our Church

Our leadership is made up of a local board responsible for governing and providing oversight for our church. We purposely yield the government of our church, under the strict guidance of the Holy Spirit, whose authority is supreme.

We prefer to administer the affairs of the church according to God’s will. It is our belief, as leaders, that putting God first in every decision that we have to make for his people takes precedent. Only members of our organization who are of high character and integrity, who maintain an excellent reputation, and who demonstrate leadership in our ministry may be elected as Elders.

Each person in his or her particular role is committed to the vision, mission, and values of our organization. In short, when you find your spiritual home with us, you’re finding a community for you to trust, learn from, and participate in!

Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Roland & Agnes Barthelemy

Pastor Roland has been working in the church, in various ministries, since he was a teen. He joined the pastoral ministry in 2008, serving as an assistant pastor at the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Philadelphia (PWCP). In 2010, he became the lead pastor of PWCP and has been devoted to serving his community, both locally and abroad, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Nadege Fulton

Youth President

Ernst Isaac


Carole Louidor

Sunday School Superintendent

Kirby Gerlus

Assistant Secretary

Joan Estelly

President of Women’s Ministry

Marie Denise Laguerre

Head of Fundraising

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